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GQ921 (10:37:09 PM): so tell me, what planet are you from?
Gary0781 (10:37:23 PM): what?
GQ921 (10:38:12 PM): don't try to deny it, i know you, what planet are you from?
Gary0781 (10:38:24 PM): Earth
Gary0781 (10:39:14 PM): we know of no life forms outside of Earth
GQ921 (10:39:28 PM): are you trying to trick me?
Gary0781 (10:39:34 PM): no
GQ921 (10:39:35 PM): don't deny you are from a different planet.
GQ921 (10:39:40 PM): just tell me which one.
Gary0781 (10:39:55 PM): but i'm not. what makes you think i am?
GQ921 (10:40:23 PM): one, your disguise sucks.
GQ921 (10:40:31 PM): two, you have no common sense of a normal human being.
GQ921 (10:40:41 PM): three, see one and two.
Gary0781 (10:41:02 PM): i'm from Rochester
GQ921 (10:41:29 PM): you think you're clever, but one day we will find out the truth
Gary0781 (10:41:53 PM): your the only one who thinks i'm an alien
GQ921 (10:42:33 PM): that's not true
Gary0781 (10:42:42 PM): who else does?
GQ921 (10:42:48 PM): in fact in a few days time, i will have evidence that people think you are!
Gary0781 (10:43:11 PM): from who? how?
GQ921 (10:43:24 PM): research gary, research.
Gary0781 (10:43:42 PM): i'm fully human
GQ921 (10:43:53 PM): that's rich.
Gary0781 (10:44:50 PM): there's no proof that extraterrestial life even exists!
GQ921 (10:45:24 PM): you're trying to protect your home planet!
Gary0781 (10:46:09 PM): are you suggesting that somewhere there's a planet full of creatures like me?
GQ921 (10:48:02 PM): it frightens me that it could be so.
Gary0781 (10:49:22 PM): well there's not. but i have to go to bed now
GQ921 (10:49:39 PM): alright, i'll talk to you later.
GQ921 (10:49:41 PM): good nite
Gary0781 (10:49:44 PM): goodnight

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