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Sites to help you procrastinate
Here are some sites to help you procrastinate! Or get a good laugh or two.... (make sure you've got speakers on... these site are supplemented by humorous soundtracks.)

*you may want to 'right-click' and open the links in a new window*

Helicopter rescue game

Developers, developers, developers, developers... YES!!!

This game has kept me quite busy... I have a high score of 593.

Gollum is gangsta, so is this kid... sorta.

The home of Strong Bad Emails: check this site out.

It might take you a second to figure it out... but once you do...

That thong, th-, thong, thong thong....

Little red monkey

Shiggity Shiggity Sha

Let the bodies hit the Flo!!!

Are you ready!?  (careful, this ones not for the kids...)

Do you know your ABC's? (uh, also not for the kids...)

C'mon, sing a long!  We all love Backdoor... eh hem, I mean Backstreet Boys...

Won't the real Slim Shady please give up?

More boy band fun... hehehe

Some people know how to take a great thing then flip it upside down and really f*ck it up... here's an example (not for the light-hearted.)

You've probably already seen this... but worth showing again...

Oooh, this one's INTERACTIVE!  For all the computer nerds out there!  Sweet... Windows RG... hehehe

Oddly catchy... check it out...

Ain't nothing wrong with Titties and Beer...

Big Pimpin'... sorta.

Who let the dogs out?


Un Lapin!!!! Check it out... the story of a rabbit who had a gun...

This is just plain ol' weird... but damn funny....

Weeeeeeee... hehehehe
If you liked "weeeeee," then you'll love this next great hit, Schoolbus.
From the makers of "Weeee" and "Schoolbus," Threebrain presents: HYPOTHERMIA

Tale of the Blode Part I
Tale of the Blode Part II
Tale of the Blode Part III - more like rather odd... but it's rather fun!

A warning about alcohol...

Have you ever wondered if you were crazy? Take this simple insanity test...

How fast can you spank the monkey?

Funny Cartoons, and other random stuff at

Because everyone wants to see films about muffins... this is rather dumb and pointless... not that any of the aforementioned sites were edifying...

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