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The latest news...
Tuesday, 29 June 2004
And it's been a long, long time...
Hmm, I think I see a trend with late updates on this thing. This one, however, is long overdue.

I graduated Ithaca College. Now, with degree in hand, I can conquer the world! Well, not quite... not even make a dent... nor a scratch. Surely, I can do something with this thing, I mean, it's all fancy looking and I have the approval of the Board of Trustees at Ithaca and it's signed by the President of IC. I wish I could say I am on to great things, but sadly I'm not. This weekend I'm venturing to Ithaca to clean my apartment - it's the first excitement I've had since coming home.

Actually, I revoke my last statement, I've done many things. I went to Boston to see RENT, I met up with some people (unfortunatey, there turned out to be no job opportunities), saw "Farenheit 9/11", read "The Great Gatsby" (again), and am now in the middle of "Lies My Teacher Told Me." Next on the list is a book called "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs." I've also attended a bunch of graduation parties. Exciting - the same group of people at different places. (Note the slight tinge of sarcasm)

I decided that the parties must go on, so it is on to Graduate school for me next year (starting in the fall). That means I'll get to take my GRE's at the end of the summer, and go through all that fun university application stuff again. I bet you're jealous. I've already narrowed my choices to Emerson College and Boston University. Pretty easy task since in the states of NY, MA, CT, and RI, those were the only two that have the program I'm seeking. Should be interesting to see what happens.

So now it's to find some entry level job at a marketing or advertisng agency to hold me until grad school. That failing, I guess I'll be waiting tables.

Posted by hungpham92182 at 6:57 PM EDT
Wednesday, 12 May 2004
And it's been a while...
So I realize it's been a while since I've updated. Let's re-cap what's been going on:

I had two finals I actually had to take, Class Percussion and Critical Issues in IMC. Both were a breeze. I ended up making a 3.89 for the semester, which brought my cumulative GPA to a 3.45. I missed my goal of a 3.50... damn.

I went to Slope Day on the 7th (a day of drinking on the Hill) where I got to see Kanye West (some other bands where playing, but we didn't stick around that long). Later that night, we kicked off IC's senior week with the Senior Semi-formal. It was held in a barn basically, but they dressed it up nice. Everyone was too drunk to care.

Saturday was Fountain Day. I wrote some haikus to sum it up:

There were food, rides, games
It was way too cold to jump
But we all went in


Everyone was drunk
It seemed like a good idea
So we all jumped in

Monday was the faculty brunch, where we Ad Labbers finally gave our basket to Scott. He later told me he was worried about me, but said I stepped up to the plate to take charge. I guess that's good news. We then went to play the most exciting sport known to man: Beer Golf. Getting a drink at each bar in Ithaca in succession... Well, gee doesn't that seem like a great idea?

That pretty much brings us to today... Casino Night tonight, and I won't even hafta lose my own money (I don't think...). Hope all the other IC'ers are having a good time!

"Time, don't let it slip away; raise your drinkin' glass, here's to yesterday."

Posted by hungpham92182 at 11:34 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 May 2004 1:23 PM EDT
Saturday, 1 May 2004
Four years over with already?
Well, here it is, the only things between me and commencement are two finals. I think this is where the standard qoute about it being a fantastic, crazy ride the last four years goes...

First, a mention of Odyssey Communications: Best group of people ever. We put our everything into it kids, don't you ever forget that: chins up, be proud. It ain't our fault the judges were clueless and would rather be entertained than informed. Just remember one day when we're all on top of the *real world* things will be "hot, hot, hot" and the question "What are you doing this weekend?" can be answered with "Taking a break from being the highest paid execs in the advertising business." We all know who the REAL winners are... (P.S. we're not bitter, right?) Holla out to my fellow presenters: Joe, Julianne, Sarah, Meghan. Thanks all.

Only two more weeks and it's to the real world, and I feel like the only failure who's not out there gettin' interviews and jobs... will someone please assure me I'm not the only one? I'm sure I'll be okay eventually, but just not at the moment. Maybe one day I'll be in NYC... playing the guitar... in the subway... while y'all throw change at me... damn. Haha. Oh well, I guess I've the left of my life to worry about that.

Well, just like everyone else, I can't believe I'm done with undergraduate classes... forever...


Posted by hungpham92182 at 1:45 PM EDT
Thursday, 8 April 2004
I'm one for capitalism... but this sh*t's getting ridiculous...
More on the title of this entry a little later...

So here it is, crunch time for AdLab... WHOO HOO! Or not. In 13 short days, we will be presenting to a packed, Park Auditorium... However, there's no PowerPoint to be accounted for, not to mention a slew of other things. On top of all that, the five of us are expected to give a *stellar* performance of our script this Monday. Check out for more info on AdLab and Odyssey Communications.

Now to begin my ranting and raving:
As I leave my Critical Issues class and walk to my car, I "well-meaning" hippie boy in a Subaru pulls up in front of me, shouting out his window at me:
Hippie dude (hence forth, HD): "Hey man, dude, are you walking to your car?"
Me: "Yeah..."
HD: "Oh man, can I please give you a ride?"
(obviously, this young gentleman was in need of a parking space... and apparently desired to have mine... badly. Either that he was trying to pick me up... in any event...)
Me: "No."

Now, not only do I say "No" but at that precise moment I think to myself:
"You crazy mother fucker, you can't just get an easy parking spot like that... You want a parking spot? You're going to drive around and find one, just like the rest of us!"

A little annoyed, I continue to walk to my car... and at the same time, I notice parking spots, LOTS of them, so I do the only "logical" thing, and I start counting, "One. Two. Three. Oh, there's a few in a row over there." The fact that Hippie Dude couldn't find any of THESE spots usable was appaling. That just makes me more angry, so I decide to stop counting.

Which brings me to rant #2 today (and the title of this post):
There is nothing quite like the free market and capitalism. Ah! The choices we consumers have! Oh it's *wonderful* to live in such a society, right folks? To have all these stores and companies competing for our attention and for our money. Trying to give us the best deal so we come back to them, time after time!

Case in point: I go downtown today to visit a better men's store... let's just say it's *Benjamin Peters*... So I first walk in the door, and I'm greeted cheerfully by some schmoe who asks how I am, to which I reply "fine". Then he asks if he can help me find something (cuz I don't have my own eyes, and I can't read the signage apparently...). I decline his offer politely and quietly browse the store. I browse for a bit... then realize the motherfucker's following me. "What the fuck is this?" I think to myself.

So I make my way towards the back of the store - where the suits are (I'm looking to purchase one soon). In any event, the fucker stopped following me... I guess maybe he had to go back to his post at the front of the store.

As soon as I start browsing the suits, another guy pops out of no where.

"Can I help you today sir?"
"No, I'm just looking and browsing around."
"Okay, well, if you have any questions, just ask."

Bastard. In light of these pushy, follow-your-every-move salesmen, I do what any self respecting consumer would do - I put my grubby hands on every suit in sight... especially the ones that *feel* expensive, I make sure I rub those around really good. After I'm satisfied and assured myself I couldn't POSSIBLY afford any of these suits (being the poor college student I am) I go to leave the store. Here comes the fun part...

SalesPerson: "Didn't find anything you liked, huh?"
Me: "Actually, I was just looking around to see what was available."
SP: [puts his arm around my shoulder and pats me on the back like I was his best friend from High School] "Well, we've got THE BEST prices in town and we can't be beat."
Me: "Oh, I believe you." as I think to myself, "Could it be that you have the best prices in town BECAUSE you are THE ONLY KIND of store OF ITS KIND within a 75 mile radius? Could being a MONOPOLY have anything to do with it? Could the basic laws of SUPPLY AND DEMAND have anything to do with it? Hmmm."

I left the store feeling rather cynical. Maybe it's all this talk in class about Disney's Evil Empire that's gotten my panties in a bunch. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a little research into Disney, the corporation that owns basically everything... scary.

Posted by hungpham92182 at 1:25 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 8 April 2004 1:34 AM EDT
Sunday, 4 April 2004
Last few days have been great!
Finally, the recital's done with! (Check out some pictures in the photo section of my site) It went really well - thanks to everyone who came to check it out.

As great as that was, the best part of the last couple days was Renee coming up to visit! We did some Ithacan things, like going to the Boatyard, going down to the Commons, checkin' out Collegetown Bagels and Ithaca Bakery. It was lots of fun. We also did other things... hmm, better leave that to your imaginations. It all ended too early though, I drove her to Syracuse Airport yesterday morning.

Now that my recital's done with and the Ad Lab book is finished, I move into the second phase of this semester: Finishing my studio orchestra arrangement, critical issues presentation, and the biggest (and possibly best) of all, is the Ad Lab presentation (to be presented in Park Auditorium, 4.20; and then in NYC!). The scary part is... there's not much time left.

Well, I should stop procrastinating... better get on it!

Posted by hungpham92182 at 2:16 PM EST
Tuesday, 30 March 2004
And I thought things couldn't get any better...
What can I say? The last couple days has been pretty exciting.

Last night, I had a dress rehearsal for my recital (which, by the way, is tomorrow night, 9pm in Ford Hall). It's going to be one hot recital. It was incredible to hear everything come together so nicely. I have incredible group of musicians to back me up (and make me look good)... we're gonna lay down fome funky sh*t tomorrow, so get ready!

Also, yesterday, I was voted by my fellow peers in Ad Lab to represent them and our campaign for FLA USA, VISIT FLORIDA, and be part of our 5-person presentation team. That means I'll be representin' in NYC come late April; and *when* we go to finals, I'll be representin' in Dallas.

I bet you're thinking, "Gee, doesn't get much better than that, does it?" Oh wait, but it does! Tonight I get to drive to Syracuse and pick up my girlfriend! She's coming to see my recital and stay for a few days. Now that's even more exciting than my recital and Ad Lab... unless you combine the two... into an Ad Recital... I guess that might be pretty sweet too... but then again... maybe I've gone to far.

Well, now I'm off to do a multitude of other things. The rest of this semester's going to be so busy, but fun... and saddest of all - too short.

Posted by hungpham92182 at 11:53 AM EST
Sunday, 14 March 2004
An addendum to the previous post...
As my wonderful girlfriend has pointed out, I said in my last post, "The last few weeks have not been all that exciting - a lot of Ad Lab and recital stuff, that's about it. Sad, isn't it?" Contrary to that last statement, the last week was pretty exciting.

1. I got to see Renee
2. We went out to eat
3. We went to D&B (to play "Greedy games")
4. She helped me with my recital poster
5. We did... other... stuff...
6. She got a real job (so she can buy me lots of presents)
7. She came over to eat some Vietnamese food (she's a chopstick pro basically)
8. We went shopping (I got a sweet jacket from The Gap for dirt cheap..)
9. We went to the moooovies
10. I got to see Renee

Now, that might not seem all that exciting, but when I hafta go a few months with out seeing her, seeing her is one of the best things to happen... and there's MORE! In 2.5 weeks, she will be visiting me here, in Ithaca! That means I can show her how "Ithaca is Gorges"... it's gonna be great!

Posted by hungpham92182 at 10:34 PM EST
Over due update...
Just came back from exciting Spring Break... and I got to drive through snow. Spring Break? I went home to spend time with the girlfriend - we went out to eat a couple times (a Thai place and a Japanese place). We also went down to Providence to D&B. I think I did more work over break than I do while at school. I did some work for Ad Lab, posters for my upcoming recital, some jazz arranging work, and other random stuff.

Came back to Ithaca to work on MORE Ad Lab stuff. I think I see a trend. Sadly, the last few weeks have not been all that exciting - a lot of Ad Lab and recital stuff, that's about it. Sad, isn't it?

On the plus side, my sweetie's coming up for my recital and after the 31st, Ad Lab and my recital will be done with (which means more time to procrastinate). That reminds me, she just accepted an Editorial Assistant job at a local paper - pretty exciting stuff! Makes me feel like a slacker... I gotta go find a job... or at least go procrastinate. Bye.

Posted by hungpham92182 at 8:13 PM EST
Tuesday, 17 February 2004
A dozen too many wings...
Aah, Monday night... well, I guess it's very VERY early Tuesday now. Why are $0.20 wings at Benchies so addictive? Maybe it has something to do with the beer special that goes along with it... or maybe it's because I can get a very cheap dinner. In any event, I'm pretty sure I ate a dozen too many... *barf*

Let's see... boring weekend, Valentine's Day is just another day (especially if your girl's 6 hours away). At least the Swains were up, and we all went to the BoatYard Grill Sunday Night... On that thought, I went out to eat Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday... Damn.

Nothing much else, just up to the same school stuff. Reading for Pop n' Rock, Ad Lab, Practicin' for my recital... sounds like fun, doesn't it? Oh, it's a blast.

I'm overly full... I don't even know if it's possible to sleep like this... but I'll try! G'nite!

Posted by hungpham92182 at 2:02 AM EST
Monday, 9 February 2004
Late night update
Let's see, exciting things to happen this past weekend...

Friday night was spent partyin' at Amanda's place (Circle 15-05). Gary, Nate and I headed up there. Nate lost his hoodie to some lesbians, wore a girly shirt, and drank a bunch of Half & Half's at Mano's. Gary almost made out with a lesbian, but ran away because he didn't want to. Conclusion: I need new friends. Sure hangin' around them makes me look like a God in comparision, but still...

Saturday: I had a dinner at my place with the folks from 1E, downstairs. I made some Mexican Spinach Dip, Chicken Paremesan, and some Pepperidge Farm Chocolate cake (c'mon, I made everything else!). I guess it's all good practice, since I'm hosting another dinner on the 22nd.

Sunday: I went to Chili's with Tim, Nate and Gary. I've concluded that everytime Nate and Gary say/do something stupid, I get a nickel. I am sure by the end of the semester, I can retire. Seriously, I'm not joking. In any event, spent the rest of the night in D4 doing some sketches for Ad Lab.

Now, here I am posting to my blog, whoopty doo, I'm sure you're really happy you spent those last few minutes wasting your time reading this!

Posted by hungpham92182 at 12:09 AM EST

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