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Gary0781 (10:08:04 PM): what is it like having a girlfriend?
GQ921 (10:08:40 PM): why do you want to know what it's like to have a girlfriend?
Gary0781 (10:08:54 PM): because i've never had a girlfriend
GQ921 (10:09:02 PM): ohh
GQ921 (10:09:06 PM): i didnt' know that
GQ921 (10:09:10 PM): maybe you oughta find one
GQ921 (10:10:30 PM): find out for yourself what it's like
Gary0781 (10:10:41 PM): its not like finding an ink cartridge
GQ921 (10:11:00 PM): sure it is...
GQ921 (10:11:10 PM): when you find an ink cartridge, what do you do?
GQ921 (10:11:20 PM): you gotta find one that's COMPATIBLE to your printer...
GQ921 (10:11:41 PM): so, pretend you're a printer, now you need to go out there and find the ink cartridge that's right for you!
Gary0781 (10:12:13 PM): i see
GQ921 (10:13:05 PM): now, doesn't that make a lot of sense?
Gary0781 (10:13:24 PM): its hard to argue with that
GQ921 (10:13:29 PM): so gary, now that we have all this established... what kind of printer are you?
GQ921 (10:13:46 PM): once we figure out what kind you are, we can begin to look for ink cartridges.
Gary0781 (10:13:48 PM): a laser printer
GQ921 (10:14:09 PM): oooh, a laser printer. so what makes you more special than other kinds of laser printers?
GQ921 (10:14:15 PM): or other printers for that matter?
Gary0781 (10:14:25 PM): it makes me quick
GQ921 (10:14:45 PM): great! what other features do you have?
Gary0781 (10:15:01 PM): i don't know
GQ921 (10:15:26 PM): well gary, you need to know what you've got to work with, otherwise, how can you find the apporpriate ink cartridge!
Gary0781 (10:15:45 PM): luck
GQ921 (10:16:12 PM): how do you mean?
GQ921 (10:16:30 PM): do you mean you can just randomly use ink catridges until you find the right one?
Gary0781 (10:16:31 PM): if your lucky, you'll find the right person
GQ921 (10:16:50 PM): no gary, you hafta know what you're looking for. what kind of ink cartridge are you looking for?
Gary0781 (10:17:14 PM): good quality ink
Gary0781 (10:17:28 PM): reliable
GQ921 (10:18:11 PM): alright, are you sure you don't an ink cartridge with a nice rack? or long legs?
Gary0781 (10:18:40 PM): that wouldn't hurt
GQ921 (10:19:31 PM): don't you want an ink cartridge that has a nice personality?
Gary0781 (10:19:42 PM): yes
GQ921 (10:20:47 PM): okay then. if you're ink cartridge had to have some humanistic qualities, what would they be?
Gary0781 (10:21:22 PM): compassion, kindness, humor
GQ921 (10:22:28 PM): what about physical characteristics
GQ921 (10:22:29 PM): ?
Gary0781 (10:23:00 PM): i don't know, just the right look i guess
Gary0781 (10:23:23 PM): not too short
GQ921 (10:23:31 PM): what else?
Gary0781 (10:23:58 PM): i can't think of anything specific
Gary0781 (10:24:12 PM): white teeth
Gary0781 (10:24:23 PM): clean hair
GQ921 (10:24:32 PM): yeah, those are some definate neccesities.
GQ921 (10:25:53 PM): is there anything else besides the white teeth and clean hair?
Gary0781 (10:26:08 PM): no, nothing absolute
GQ921 (10:27:20 PM): so you want an ink cartridge that's not to tall, with white teeth and clean hair?
Gary0781 (10:27:32 PM): that sounds great
GQ921 (10:27:58 PM): don't you think you should be fantasizing about a woman and not an ink cartridge?
Gary0781 (10:28:24 PM): your the one talking about ink cartridges
GQ921 (10:28:43 PM): no, i asked questions, and you told me you wanted an ink cartridge.
GQ921 (10:29:05 PM): your lack of understanding leads em to believe that you are not mentally capapble of such engaging conversations!
Gary0781 (10:29:13 PM): well, i already have an ink cartridge
Gary0781 (10:29:27 PM): i am capable?
Gary0781 (10:29:31 PM): !
GQ921 (10:29:40 PM): i thought you were all worried cuz you didn't have an ink cartridge!
Gary0781 (10:30:01 PM): no, i just bought one. they're expensive!
GQ921 (10:30:14 PM): i thought you wanted a girlfriend.
GQ921 (10:30:20 PM): did you buy one of those too?
Gary0781 (10:30:24 PM): yes
Gary0781 (10:30:28 PM): no
GQ921 (10:30:50 PM): so what are you going to do about this girlfriend situation.
Gary0781 (10:31:02 PM): i don't know, just wait and see
GQ921 (10:32:22 PM): things just don't happen, you kinda hafta go out there and make it happen.
Gary0781 (10:32:55 PM): that might be true
GQ921 (10:33:46 PM): how many things happen just because they "just happen"? You hafta go out there and make it happen.
GQ921 (10:34:02 PM): do you think if you just sat around you'd become a researcher? NO. you had to go to school and study first.
GQ921 (10:34:21 PM): you need to increase your chances of something happening.
Gary0781 (10:34:33 PM): yeah, but some things you just can't control
GQ921 (10:34:44 PM): but you can at least try
GQ921 (10:34:50 PM): sitting back and waiting is not the way.
Gary0781 (10:36:43 PM): psitting back and waiting is neveer the answer
GQ921 (10:37:03 PM): now you're gettin' it!

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